Starting to shop around for a warm canada goose winter coat

A Canadian company that makes popular goose-down parkas is crying foul over counterfeits of its distinctive garb. Goose Coats said the cheap knockoffs are costing the company money, and sullying its reputation."If you're counting on your jacket to keep you warm in extreme temperatures and you buy a counterfeit jacket that has no down in it, then you're susceptible to frostbite or worse," Canada Goose vice-president of marketing Kevin Spreekmeester told CBC News. sjdiewqy?

Spreekmeester said the Montreal company's jackets are top quality, made with genuine goose down and trimmed with coyote fur. They sell for around $800.But counterfeits are being sold at much less, sometimes in the range of $100, sometimes even less.The price should be a dead giveaway, Spreekmeester said. Canada Goose does not discount its jackets.

Canada Goose has purchased some of the counterfeits and had them analyzed. The company was not impressed with the results.Instead of being trimmed with coyote fur, Spreekmeester said in some cases the fur is from dogs and cats. He referred to the trim on some as "German shepherd."As for the insulation, he said it's definitely not Goose Parka down."It's called feather mulch, and that can be any parts of a bird, any type of bird and quite often it includes bacteria and mildew and all kinds of nasty stuff," Spreekmeester said.

On Nov. 29, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement shut down 82 websites that were selling counterfeit goods."Intellectual property crimes are not victimless," said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. "The theft of ideas and the sale of counterfeit goods threaten economic opportunities and financial stability, suppress innovation and destroy jobs."

Ask anyone who knows and they will tell you that Canada Goose is Canadian Company who can proudly say that all of its parkas are Made In Canada.“Made in Canada is SO important to CG… The key is for us to stay authentic. It’s important to stay true to who we are,” – Dani Reiss President/Canada Goose.With Canada Day coming up we wanted to show our fans some love so we’re giving away a special Canada Goose prize pack!

With winter coming, everyone is starting to shop around for a warm winter coat. But the big question is: which one will keep you the warmest without making you look like an abominable snowman? Today’s article highlights for you two coats that meet these important criteria: the Gotham Jacket by The North Face and the Chilliwack Parka by Canada Goose.

Last winter I answered a lot of questions from many clients on Goose Jackets, who wanted to know the differences between these two very similar models, their style and their characteristics. With an urban look, these hip-length jackets are insulated with down and made for men and women. They have plenty of pockets, fur around the hood, and rib-knit cuffs that keep out the wind. One last point before we get into the heart of the matter: down is a very effective insulator, and even though there are other synthetic options such as, Primaloft and fleece, it is still the best for those who don’t stand up very well to the cold.